Electoral Congress

Dear Friends,

As you are fully aware during the Commonwealth Games held in Birmingham, on the 4th August, the Electoral Congress of the Commonwealth Weightlifting Federation was held.

The Executive Board for the 2022 – 2026 quadrennial period is as follows:

  • President: Dato Ong Poh Eng (Malaysia) was re-elected unopposed.
  • General Secretary: Paul Coffa MBE (Australia) was re-elected unopposed.
  • Vice Presidents were elected in this order:
    • Mr. Tom Liaw (Singapore)
    • Dr. Heather Allison (England)
    • Dr. Kevin du Plooy (South Africa)
    • Mr. Jesmond Caruana (Malta)
    • Sir John Dawinincura (Papua New Guinea)
    • Mr. Sahdev Yadav (India)
  • Executive Board members elected were elected in this order:
    • Mr. John Ogolla (Kenya)
    • Ms. Della Shaw-Elder (Fiji)
    • Mr. SSenkugu Salim Musoke (Uganda)
    • Ms. Coral Quinell (Australia)
    • Mr. G. Nishantan (Sri Lanka)
    • Mr. Andrew B. Callender (Barbados)
    • Mr. Muhik HD Hadi Dinie ABD Rahman (Brunei)
    • Mr. Yovin Gyadin (Mauritius)
  • Mr Michael Noonan (Australia) CWF Statistician
  • Appointed Assistant Secretary is Mr. Trent Dabwido (Nauru).

Other matters from the Congress were as follows:

  • The 2023 Commonwealth Championships for Senior, Junior and Youth, was awarded to India. The date to be finalized.
  • Two countries expressed interest in holding the 2024 Commonwealth Championships for Senior, Junior & Youth. They are Nigeria and Fiji. The decision as to the successful country will be made soon.
  • Membership fees to the CWF:
    • The quadrennial membership fee for the CWF for the period 2022 to 2026 is now due.
    • Most of the countries did pay the USD$100 fee at the Congress. However there is still quite a few who have not done this and the CWF would appreciate if at your earliest convenience the membership fee of USD$100 could be paid. All countries have received the CWF bank details.
  • Finally we wish to advise you that the South Africa Weightlifting Federation has held their elections recently and these are the office bearers: President: Ms Caroline Wolf, General Secretary: Ms. Antoinette Kriel, The CWF wishes the new board a very successful term of office.
  • In addition, we wish to inform you that the new President of the Mauritius Weightlifting Federation is Mr. Yovin Gyadin. The CWF wishes him a very successful term of office.

Kindest regards,
Paul Coffa MBE
General Secretary