Commonwealth Games Qualifying

Dear Colleagues,

You will already be aware of the attached CGF's "Athlete Allocation System" (AAS) for the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games. I have been appointed by the IWF and the CGF to produce, in consultation with IWF Officers, the IWF Commonwealth Ranking List which will play a large part in the qualification procedure.

I am pleased to attach herewith the initial IWF Commonwealth Ranking List, following the first qualifying event, the 03-11 April European Championships.

This document, and the AAS, are also available on the IWF website at the following link:

It is intended that this Ranking List will be updated as soon as possible following each qualifying event.

The next scheduled qualifying events are as follows:

  • 16-22 May: African Championships (MAD)
  • 23-31 May: IWF Junior World Championships (UZB)

Michael Noonan
Commonwealth Weightlifting Federation

B2022 Athlete Allocation System
IWF Commonwealth Ranking List