Commonwealth Records - 2020 Mid Year

Please find attached the following:

  1. Lists of current Commonwealth records for Open-age, Junior & Youth, for women & men.
  2. Lists of Commonwealth Masters records for the various age categories for men.
  3. Lists of Commonwealth Masters records for the various age categories for women.
  4. A document detailing the CWF's requirements (as adopted at the London 2012 Congress) for the recognition of Commonwealth records.

I point out that I automatically register, without need for you to claim, Open-age, Junior and Youth records achieved in IWF calendar events, as the CWF's requirements are guaranteed to be met in such.

Additionally, I also automatically recognise Commonwealth Masters records achieved in events that the IWF-Masters Committee accepts as competitions where World Masters records can be created, again as their requirements will guarantee the meeting of CWF conditions. All other claims must be submitted promptly to me by the leaders of your National Federation, and should include full documentation verifying in each case the required CWF criteria.

Due to the ongoing long-term global pandemic shutdown of most international and national competition I have not created the usual mid-year ranking of competition performances.

Michael Noonan
Commonwealth Weightlifting Federation

Commonwealth Records - Senior/Junior/Youth
Commonwealth Masters Records - Men
Commonwealth Masters Records - Women
Commonwealth Records Validation